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Authentication for any web app

  • E-Mail and Password

    Including e-mail verification and password reset workflows.

  • Third-party Identity Providers

    Such as Google, Facebook, or Microsoft.

  • Easy as Pie to Integrate

    No need to study OAuth 2.0 or OIDC. Just a JSON Web Token to validate.

  • Customizable Appearance

    Use your own logo and colors.

  • User Consent

    Link to your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  • And a lot more

    Custom domains, GDPR-compliant, SSL management, HTTP/2, etc.

Free Public Beta

We are currently collecting feedback to drive the further development of Qloud. Therefore, we don't charge anything. Your feedback is the most valuable asset you can give back at the moment. What is your use case? What is missing to make Qloud the best option to cover it? Let us know on GitHub or privately by sending an e-mail to feedback@qloud.network.

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Immediate use of OAuth2 Providers

Users hate to create a new account for each service they want to try. OAuth providers like Google and Facebook etc. simplify that. We make it super easy to integrate these OAuth2 providers so that you know your users without the need to remember yet another password, and for you no need to provide a separate account creation process.

Easy to Integrate into any Application

Qloud is easy to integrate into applications and requires just a bit of code to verify that the request came from our servers. Being developers ourselves, we want to provide the best possible coding experience, hence we also provide a convenient way to develop locally with all Qloud features available.

The Speed of HTTP/2 for Your Users

HTTP/2 (the successor of SPDY) helps us to serve your content incredibly fast. HTTP/2 allows the Browser to reuse the same connection for multiple requests and other goodies, like baked-in compression, to make the Web faster and more secure. We don't stop here, HTTP/3 (QUIC) is already in the works and we'll roll it out as soon as it is mature enough!

Your Domain is Served via IPv4 and IPv6

IPv6 adoption is important, but IPv4 won't go away either. We simply serve all our domains via IPv4 and IPv6, so your customers can connect with the best protocol possible and your application can be reached by the world. Of course, we do the heavy lifting for you, your application server can be served just via IPv4 or IPv6 (or both), we'll take care of the rest.

Automated SSL/TLS Certificate Management

Thanks to Let's Encrypt and ZeroSSL, we are able to offer free SSL/TLS certificates for your application. Of course, we automated the whole process, your certificate will be renewed a few weeks before it expires and you are free to focus on your application instead of server administration!

Hardened SSL/TLS Configuration

We spent weeks refining our cryptographic algorithms to serve your traffic with the highest possible compatibility and the highest security standards possible. Take no chances and go for A+ on the Qualys SSL Labs Report!

Continuous Security Updates

With Qloud you get a security layer that is constantly maintained and which evolves to support new developments and standards. Even if your project is long finished, security maintenance never stops. The Qloud works day and night to keep everything running smoothly without the need to change your code.

Based in Europe and fully GDPR Compliant

GDPR makes the Web a better place, but to be on the safe side, you need to understand a whole lot of regulations, and since Schrems II, working with services outside of the EU got even harder (especially with US-based services). Qloud is based and operated in Europe, fully GDPR compliant and provides you with the clauses to add to your data protection declaration.

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Multilevel Load Balancing out of the Box

We built Qloud to scale, it comes with client-side load balancing via DNS, useses internal load-balancers, and gives you to option to load balance over your application servers too (upcoming). That's what we call true multilevel load balancing. Scale where it matters!

Proudly Served and Protected by FreeBSD

FreeBSD is the famed network operating system, companies like Netflix trust FreeBSD to serve the world's entertainment, but also core network providers like Verisign cherish its benefits. Our infrastructure is based on FreeBSD and you get all the extra protection from the little red Daemon. Combine it with your application servers that run Linux or Windows and you gain heterogeneous multi-layer security!

Network-Level DDOS Protection

Our infrastructure is protected against distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS), and subsequently, your applications are protected as well.